A Wild Fig  Grows in Rowan Street

Professor Sampie Terreblanche is always swimming against the tide. “At the moment I am a very unpopular man in Stellenbosc­h. Around here, there’s a group of people that find me terribly annoying. There is an irrigation canal running through our neighborhood and some of the people have enclosed it, claiming it forms part of their properties. I wrote a letter to the Eikestad News [a local weekly newspaper] suggesting the council proclaim the canal as public property. Now, the people with homes bordering the canal are all mad at me, because they want to include it as part of their properties. But I say, no, it shouldn’t be allowed, it should be public property.” Read more 





Sampie Terreblanche: an intellectual giant of economics who opened minds to social role

Michael Jordaan


Sampie Terreblanche - in memorium

Danie Marais



Sampie was ’n vegter teen onreg

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Sampie Terreblanche, fighter against economic injustice, dies 


Veteran political economist Professor Sampie Terreblanche dies at 84

Die “mal professor van Stellenbosch” se groot nalatenskap


Formidable Economist Sampie Terreblanche (84) Succumbs To Brain Cancer

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